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“I came to HOB with a twisted sense of self-esteem I now love me from the inside out, it’s not about the size of my outer body it’s about what I am on the inside that’s reflected on the outside. My mind is the strongest gift I have I learned that at House of Bastet. I will continue to work on myself daily."


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House of Bastet brings health, fitness, and beauty to a studio, gym or your living/working space, whether it’s a 1000-square-foot loft or a cozy family room. A typical class/workshop or party experience is Fabulous with the House of Bastet.....we also provide

  • Health Education
  • Personal Development Workshops
  • Various dance/movement classes & parties
  • Performances/Special Events
  • Senior Dance Exercise

“Tene Dismuke makes exercise fun and enjoyable.  I look forward to seeing her smiling face. She’s always upbeat. Her enthusiasm for moving the body makes me excited about moving my body.  Her class combines cardio, strength-training, stretching and balancing movements set to soulful music that makes the one-hour class speed by. No matter how I feel entering the class, I feel good afterward!  Her class is like a one-hour boost of energy that last all day long!  So glad I stumbled upon it!”


Cassandra Spratling

A Movement &  Empowerment Program that uplifts and assists in the transformation of women all ages through wellness, fitness, dance, yoga, modeling and personal growth & development.


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